Our mission is to provide chartering services to the commodity trading and freight community supporting the PIC’s (Person in Charge) operation with sustainable practices with due care and due diligence.


Our vision is becoming the broker of preference in the geographical market of CARICA, Colombia and NCSA by end 2025 for the grain and coal sector.

Our vision for 2030 is to build strong, our own community financial fund, which will be a financial donor to support 1 prime world challenge and contribute to our planet and people no matter, race, gender, nationality or language.

  • Brave and Direct: Strong negotiators, versatile in finding solutions, walk the truth.
  • Passion: Commitment and endurance.
  • Reputation: Behavior, ethics, promises and diligence.
  • Work in teams: Transparency, service and collaboration.
  • Discipline: Strategy, Business Process, Systems and KPI´s.
  • Respect: Mandate of authority, confidentiality and empowerment.